How It Works

Hey fellow fishing addicts!

This is the process that your order goes through, (it’s comparable to going fishing and having to catch live bait.)

Each product in the store is custom printed, please allow 5-7 business days before your product ships.

1. Exploring the website for an amazing product and placing your order. (Choosing the date and time to go fishing.) 

2. Submit your order on (showing up to the dock and going to the bait spot). 1-2 days to process order due to high volume.

3. Making the product and packaging them. (Catching bait till the livewell is slammed) 3-5 days to make and package the order.

4. Ship it to you. (Driving to the secret fishing spot) 2-6 days depending on which shipping method you choose. 

5. You receive the product. (Getting the biggest catch of your life) Ranges from 10-12 days from original order date.

It might seem like an eternity to get the product but remember catching the biggest fish of your life takes some time. Thank you for shopping with us and we hope you enjoy our products.

-JF Addict Team